Traveling with your pet – Things you should know


Owning a pet can be extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time. You need to provide for your animal friend and make sure it receives the best treatment, including a comfortable bed, quality supplies of food and fresh water, as well as your unconditional love and support.

And since pets easily become full members of our families, it comes as no surprise that most of us find it impossible to leave home without them. However, traveling with animals can be extremely stressful and even dangerous, so you need to pay close attention to your pet’s behavior and needs. Here is what we suggest.


Consider the means of transportation

If you decided to go on a holiday or you need to take a sudden trip, first consider the vehicle you’re going to be traveling in. Cars are quite convenient for small to medium-sized pets and on short distances.

Planes are safer and more comfortable if you decide to travel long distances. Keeping your pet inside the car for too many hours can be uncomfortable and trigger motion sickness or even determine other health problems.

You also have to make sure your pet is fit for the trip and doesn’t suffer from any health affections that might cause severe issues during the trip. Avoid unnecessary trips if your pet is recovering from recent surgery or is injured.

Your pet can also suffer from claustrophobia or become extremely stressed because of the noises and the constant fuss. Therefore, we would suggest you start with shorter trips and see how your pawed friend deals with them first.


Book and confirm your staying

Another important tip when traveling with your pet is to find the right room or apartment. Keep in mind that not all hotels and accommodations are pet-friendly so you need to do your research before leaving for holidays.

Some hotels won’t allow you to sleep in the same room as your pet, but they will offer a different lounge area for animals, complete with daycare, grooming salons, and relaxation corners.

If the hotel doesn’t allow you to bring your pet with you, perhaps you should look for daycares or animal resorts near the place you’ll be staying. This way you’ll spend some quality time with your furry friend during the day and still enjoy a good night sleep alone in your hotel room.


Purchase a suitable pet carrier

Buying the perfect pet carrier is not an easy task, so we suggest you do your research. You should opt for a product that is bigger than the size of your pet so it’ll have enough room to stretch its paws once in a while.

Make sure the bedding is comfortable and absorbent to avoid any accidents. The carrier should also come with increased visibility, preferably walls or a ceiling made of mesh to ensure maximum breathability.


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