How to become a flight attendant

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Flight attendants have a vital role in air travel since their primary job is to help passengers feel comfortable and calm in critical situations. With hundreds of layovers in a single month, they have the opportunity to experience cities that most of us never will.

However, it usually comes at the price of personal life. This article is meant to highlight the details of a flight attendant’s purpose within air journeys, the qualifications you might need to be a candidate for a position, and what are the risks and benefits of such a career.

All airlines have different criteria when hiring new crew members. So before you start this journey through life, think about a preferred airline and research their particular set of requirements. And you should know they are not as strict as one would think.

For example, age restrictions are quite lax and vary depending on the country of origin of the said airline. Some range from 17 years to 60 years of age, while others look for employees no older than thirty. What matters most to airlines is that you have previous experience.

Many companies look for professionalism, maturity and life experience or versatility in their candidates. Your experience, as we’ve mentioned, plus a certificate from a training course could be your entrance ticket. Moreover, you don’t need to have experience as a steward.

You could be a great candidate if you’ve worked with the public before, such as in restaurants or other customer service positions, and if you are versed when it comes to languages and geography. You just need to be a complex human being with a lot to offer to the company where you are applying.

Sometimes you can receive a position after you’ve trained as a flight attendant. But with stewards, things can happen the other way around too. If an airline hires you without any experience in the field, they will provide all the preparation you need to be good at your job.

All you need is to have a high school diploma, to be able to speak English well, and to have charisma, as that is an integral part of the job. Other companies might be a little pickier and they will require a college degree or a bachelor’s degree in hospitality. Additionally, speaking more than one language could get you ahead of the competition.

If you’ve decided that you want to become a flight attendant, you might want to get experience by working at a hotel, restaurant or resort; also, try volunteering at social events or The Red Cross.

Airlines expect that most attendants meet particular physical requirements. Height and weight are important to big companies, but most low-cost carriers don’t care for such things. Best of luck with your endeavors!

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